3 things I learned while my plane crashed: Ric Elias on TED.com. Just watched this. Puts many life change I’m pondering right now into perspective. Hum. He learned:

  1. To no-longer postpone anything
  2. To eliminate negative energy: no-longer try to be right, but try to be happy
  3. That the most important thing for him was to be a good parent

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  1. I loved watching this… and his discoveries are so true.
    It’s hard though, once your out of that situation, to carry around that wisdom throughout ones daily life. Sometimes i feel as if i reach epiphanies myself, but my thoughts sweep them under the proverbial rug. So many great things are under there, i gotta shake it out one day… perhaps i just need to wait for my plane to start that nose dive : )

  2. When you become older and (I always claim wiser, ahem) you may regret not following your own advice which you give yourself here…

    Strike a balance of ‘do it now’ and plan for the future… Both have merits by being close partners ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. no more “try to be right” seems like “don’t fight for your right, go with the flow, accept anything, …” attitude which smells like Morpheus: take the blue pill.

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