About Hanni

Hanni really rather dislikes writing about herself, so please sit tight.

Hanni fell in love with WordPress a decade ago two decades ago

, and hasn’t looked back.

This love led her to build the Happiness Team at Automattic, which she subsequently led, engineering the Happiness of WordPress.com users and Automatticians alike over the course of almost seven years.

Fiercely passionate about law which has studied in both the UK and France, she is now chasing her dream, preparing for the New York Bar exam and further study. Hanni can often be found with her head buried in a judgment, book, or alternatively avidly watching The West Wing, or indeed any Sorkin creation.

She loves to run, can’t sing, is currently travelling the world, has imaginatively entitled this weblog “Hanni Ross”, asks too many questions, and can often be found with a cup of coffee in hand.

Email her at h@nniross.me, or find her on Skype at hanni.ross.

About This Site

This site is running a version of the Kent theme, kindly donated by Ben Gillbanks of Pro Theme Design which, as you can see, Hanni has bastardised to resemble Pink Socks (if you know what this means, do send her an email, as you’ll be one of three people still left on the internet).

This blog was built in a few spare hours here and there over a weekend (and it shows!). The theme is a poor-child of the soon to be WordPress default previous WordPress default theme, Twenty Ten.

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  1. hello there , i’m alex , and i was browsing on wordpress, and i found your site, it really caught my attention the aesthetics and cleanliness of your blog, I’m really new in this, so if you have any advices, am all ears, thanks in advance.

  2. Hallelujah, grâce à toi j’ai pu retrouver mes articles enfouit dans ma corbeille wordpress, je savais même pas qu’elle existait. Bref, ouf ! PS: Très mignonne ta photo de profil, un peu d’art ASCII pour illustrer mon propos (✿◠‿◠)✿●•٠·˙ vive le printemps !

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